Meet Kati

Hi, I'm Kati. I'm so excited you've stumbled upon my little home on the internet! I know there are literally hundreds of photographers to choose from, so being considered to document your day is such an honor. I hope you like what you see!

I'm from Arkansas and live one block away from the house I grew up in. I can't help but laugh at a bad pun, I love interior design, and I'm obsessed with clean lines and the color white. I have an Amazon Prime problem - my mailman and my husband both probably hate me with all the packages being delivered on a daily basis - but I'm a homebody and it's just so easy! I'm also a foodie with a weak spot for good atmostphere and even better cocktails, and I love Christmas so much that I don't take December weddings just so I can soak in the season as much as possible.

I'm more in love with my husband today than I was when we exchanged vows almost 7 years ago (wow I'm old), and I'm grateful every day that we are parents to the most amazing baby boy, Jack. Every month I count down the days until book club with my best girlfriends, I facetime wayyyy too much with my sisters,  and Sundays are strictly reserved for QT with my family. It's a good life, y'all – let's be friends.


I didn't ever plan on growing up and becoming a wedding photographer, but now that I'm here it makes perfect sense. As a little girl, I told everyone that I wanted to be an artist someday. And when I wasn't drawing or painting, I was thinking about love. 

Fast forward to college. I met my husband, John, when I was a freshman, but it took us 2 years to start officially dating. After graduation I landed a job as an art director at an ad agency, but because I like having creative outlets, I dabbled in cake decorating for a couple years before buying a camera and teaching myself photography. When John & I got engaged, I splurged on my dream photographer to shoot our wedding – I have not ever regretted that decision! The moment I saw our wedding photos was the moment I realized being a wedding photographer was my destiny. It's so much more than just taking pictures... it's creating priceless heirlooms for generations to cherish.

I became a full-time wedding photographer in January 2014. Over the years, I have photographed hundreds of weddings and traveled all over the world. I still pinch myself that I get to do what I love for a living – it truly is the absolute best job in the world! 


My style mainly revolves around three things. The first is natural light. You know what I'm talking about... that buttery, delicious, golden light that I'm known for! I look for good light everywhere I go and if I'm behind a camera there's a 95% chance I'll let out a little scream of delight when the delicious light comes out!

Second is authenticity. I try to incorporate authenticity into every aspect of my business, from my first emails with you to how I shoot to even how I edit. My goal for every photograph is to capture real relationships, real emotions, and real memories (not just a photo for Pinteret's sake), and I don't really believe in retouching 'cause I think you're beautiful just as you are. 

Last (but certainly not least!) is relationships. I love getting to know each of my couples and curating a true friendship! I only take 20 weddings a year because I really believe that I do my best work when I have the chance to get to know the two of you. I love showing up on a wedding day as more of a friend than just another vendor following you around!

Recently I've been dabbling in learning film photography (you know, the old school film you loaded into a camera and had to send off to get developed). It's been really fun playing around with that, expecially since I'm so infatuated with the tones and quality that film photography captures!

Things I Love

true love   |   snuggling with my baby   |   outdoor weddings   |   organic & loose bouquets   |   couples who write their own vows   |   confident women   |   getting film scans in   |   coffee dates   |   belly laughs   |   confetti & string lights   |   Christmas   |   pretty invitation suites   |   unplugged weddings   |   snail mail   |   first looks   |   Sundays off

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