I'm Kati, a destination wedding photographer living in the south who loves natural light, organic moments, and pretty details. I am tickled pink that you're here, and I hope you enjoy this space I created to showcase my work! Just like you've found your Once in a Lifetime Person, I want to be your Once in a Lifetime Photographer. Seriously, I do... I want it to be special! I want you to look at my photos and think, "Holy crap this is IT!" as you squeal to your fiance. I want to photograph couples who are confident and honest with their love, who aren't afraid to be real in front of my camera, who are weird and goofy and fun, and who are so in love that nothing else matters – cause that's what matters to me! So if I'm IT for you, let's do this thing... 'cause I can promise you this – together we are going to create magic!

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