Meet Kati

Hi, I'm Kati and I'm a wedding photographer. But really, you could say I'm a love photographer. Most days you can find me working in my blush-pink home office jamming to Americana or T-Swift with my two pups at my feet – but sometimes I break up the routine and camp out at my favorite local coffee shop instead. I can't help but laugh at a bad pun, I require at least nine hours of sleep a night, and I hit up Target at least twice a week. Every month I count down the days until Book Club night with my best girlfriends, and Sundays are strictly reserved for QT with the hubs. It's a good life, y'all. Let's be friends.

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I didn't ever plan on growing up and becoming a wedding photographer, but now that I'm here it makes perfect sense. As a little girl, I told everyone that I wanted to be an artist someday – but when I wasn't drawing or painting, I was thinking about love. 

Fast forward to college. I met my husband, John, when I was a freshman studying advertising and graphic design at the University of Arkansas. We dated for 3 years and then got engaged. Before our wedding, I had dipped my toes into photography, but the moment I saw my own wedding photos was the moment I realized, "This is what I want to do for other people." It's been true love ever since!

I was able to quit my day-job to focus on my couples in January 2014. Sometimes I still pinch myself that I get to do what I love for a living – it truly is the greatest blessing! Over the years, my love affair with photography has continued to grow, and I hope that you can see how truly happy it makes my heart when you look at my images.


My style revolves around three things. First, natural light. I love it like a fat kid loves cake! I look for "good light" everywhere. Second is authenticity. My goal for every shot is to capture real relationships, real emotions, and real memories. I'm not big on retouching cause I believe you're beautiful just as you are, and that I can't "improve" a photograph by changing the real you. Last but not least is relationships – I love creating real relationships with my couples and showing up on your wedding day not only as a photographer but as your friend.


My husband, John, is my favorite human. Even though I shoot all over, we call Arkansas home. We recently bought a house and I am a total over-sharer of all the updates we are working on! I'm an extroverted introvert, I love mystery novels, and I believe in starting every day with coffee and ending it with wine.

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